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Stay Social
Keep Private

We are weynOn. A Location Sharing Mobile App with a primary focus on Privacy.

weynOn connects you with the people you really know. Unlike other social apps, you won't be flooded with random strangers trying to connect with you.

We use your phone contact lists to help you find your friends on weynOn; but, rest assured, we don’t save your contacts anywhere. Your privacy is totally respected! Everything saved on your device, stays on your device and we won't have access to this data.

In weynOn, we re-imagined sharing.

The process of sharing your precious moments with family and friends has been tackled, since the birth of social apps. Yes.. It’s always been about connecting. However, weynOn takes it in another direction, making the experience all in real time and in real life. Creating the concept of groups is just the beginning.

weynOn allows you to create groups, name them as you see fit, and color code them to easily identify them anywhere in the app. Once you create your groups, you can add your friends to different ones, and share only to specific groups. It’s up to you.

You are in Control! We might not want to share with family what we share with friends, right?

Sharing with weynOn makes this process fun and in just a few clicks.

Joining has never been easier. You won’t miss out anymore on any chance of connecting in person. Staying behind a screen is history!

With weynOn everything you post will be deleted after 24 hours, or when you replace it. When we say deleted, we really mean it.

We don't keep track of any previous posts.

We don't keep track of chats.

And we don't keep any files saved on our servers. When it's deleted, then it's gone, period.

We hope you enjoy using weynOn as much as we enjoyed creating and building it.

And if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.

Stay Social. Keep Private.

And make sure you stay safe.

weynOn team and family!

privacy simplified

Find your Friends. Form your Groups.

From the get-go, fill your groups the way you want. Only you can know... Your contacts, your groups.
It’s that simple.

Start with a Picture and its Location.

What are you up to? Whether to meet up, or just say “Hey”, a picture or video is all you really need to get things going. Don’t forget, not everybody knows, not everybody sees.
You are in control!

Share in Real Time, Connect in Real Life

Want to add a message or text? Go right ahead, your post becomes the chat. Share what you want, with whichever group you choose, all in real time. Everything will disappear in 24 hours, or when you replace it.
Have fun!


Find Your Friends

Finding your friends on weynOn is pretty easy. Leave the hard work to us. We let you know who from your contacts is on weynOn's network with just one click. All you have to do is decide who you want to connect with.

Create Groups

weynOn is all about real life experiences, and in real life we all have multiple groups of friends. Same goes for weynOn. You can create as many groups as you want, and you can add your friends to separate groups and organize them the way you want.

Add Posts

You're out somewhere having lots of fun. Take a picture or a video and share it with a specific groups of friends. Share the fun!

Ask Friends To Join

Want your high school group of friends to join? No problem. Just click the "Allow friends to join" box. They will be able to join the chat and you'll be notified whenever someone decides to join in person.

Posts Chat

You clicked on the “Allow friends to join” box on your post. Well, some of your friends will eventually need to ask till when and what, right? So every time you click that box, we create a separate chat room for this particular post. You can then talk and discuss anything you wish.

Private Chats

Besides all that, there's always something that we want to say to one single friend, in Private.
Stay on the app, and message whomever you wish separately and privately. Remember everything disappears after 24 hours.

We take privacy very seriously


Do you need access to my location?

Not at all! We respect your privacy. On weynOn you select a location manually when posting, we don’t ask for any under the hood access to your Location data.

How do I find my friends?

Easy, just go to the “Friends” tab and click to add your friends. We’ll tell you who from your contact list is on weynOn so you can connect with them.

Can I share my post outside of weynOn?

Of course! Sharing a post outside of weynOn is half the fun. Whoever you share the link with has 24 hours to open it, and when they do, they have a few seconds to see it before it disappears.

How many posts can I share?

Only one... You can’t be in two places at once, right? weynOn is all about Real Life.

Posts on weynOn are only photos?

Up to you, a photo or a 10 seconds’ video. We want you to have fun posting and improvising.

What happens to my post or video and chat after 24 hours?

Poof! It’s gone. Don’t dwell on it and live in the past. Today is a whole new day, so make the best of it.

What is the eye for? Who can see it?

This is to keep you updated as to who has seen your post. When it turns orange, that person has seen it. Don’t worry though, on your own post, it’s only for your eyes to see.

What’s the heart?

The heart turns orange for the likes your post receives. Well, not everyone of your friends will be able to join you in person, so that’s their way of sending their hellos. Feel the love and enjoy your time.

What are the colored badges?

Well, to be honest, we all have really close friends that know everything, friends we hang out with, and the friends we see once in a blue moon. Basically, you can create different groups with your super close friends, hangout buddies, motorcycle friends or your sports group, or anything really, and assign each of the groups the name best suited with your choice of color badge.

What is the Public group badge?

The Public group is where by default your friends, on weynOn, are allocated. Up to you to choose which additional group(s) you would like to add them to. It’s your choice. We want for you to share your post with whomever you wish to, in the easiest, simplest and fastest way.

Is there a limit to how many groups I can create?

Actually no! There isn’t a limit. However, who needs more than the average 10 or so. No need to get lost in there, right?

Can I save my pictures?

Sure! You can always save pictures.

Who can see my profile?

Hmmm… you don’t really have a public profile for people to check out. There’s nothing to show, other than your profile picture.

Can I use photos from my phone gallery?

Nope, Sorry! weynOn only allows you to post pictures taken with weynOn’s camera.

So, you mean to say, my phone gallery isn’t accessible in weynOn?

Of course, it is. However, you can only access your own phone gallery for your profile picture, and inside the chats when you need to share more with your friends.

What is the “Allow Friends to Join” on the photo or video I want to post?

Well.. weynOn gives you the choice to Allow your friends to join you on the post chat. At times, you would like to only just share your activity, and not more. You are in control...

What if my question hasn’t been addressed above

Any question you have that hasn’t been addressed, drop us an email to info@weynon.com . We will be happy to assist.